The Spiritual Language of Art

Massimo Fatato Fusarelli

“Painter of knowledge, light, spirit and soul, he has created a new artistic movement in which he overcomes the form of reality and visibly manifests the life and spirit of everything. from the “Antonio Canova Art Academy.” In 2006 he was inscribed in the Golden Book of Italian artists, close to Gottuso and others as one of today’s best emerging painters. The two critical reviews by Francesco Arena and Isabella Convertino they outline well the contents, the techniques and the value of the most important works saying: “They are a new world heritage of priceless art also referred to as the language of the spirit and from the absolute. The works in fact outline the understanding of God as it is in itself and of our full human understanding.”

Isabella Convertino

“Father Massimo has succeeded in explaining through a universal language every high spiritual content capable of communicating to the reader a series of essential messages that can teach man the way to divine salvation.”

Beginning with a series of statements by the great master Vassilij Kandinsky, who showed his theories on art in the works “The spirituality in art” (1912) and in “Point and line in the plain” (1926): “Understanding means to understand the point of view of the artist It was said that art is the daughter of its time.A similar art can only produce what is already clearly in the air.Art that has no future, which is the daughter of its times but will never become the mother of the future, it is a sterile art, has a short life and dies morally when the atmosphere that produces it changes.
What, then, does the fact that art belongs to its time? And why, today, we are no longer able to understand art and above all we are no longer able to “create”?

Today reality is contaminated by the materialist philosophy that clearly distinguishes our souls from those “primitive”, that is from the past. Our soul could begin to wake up, after a long period of materialism, the lack of faith, a destination and a purpose in our life. The artist father Massimo Fatato Fusarelli adopts a spiritual language given precisely by faith. His works represent valid messages of life and clearly explain the relationship between man and society today, when the nightmare of materialistic ideas always prevails.

The works of the artist Fusarelli are very important because they represent a spiritual and moral manifesto to follow and to pursue in individual life.
With the work “Love Ontological” the artist proposes the theme of love that is not only passed in a philosophical literature, but it is much more than philosophy, it belongs to the same being of every man, it becomes something transcendental up to a true ontological love. Passion, delight and devotion, increase true and authentic love.

On everything there is Christian faith, loyalty to one’s own religion. In some religions, faith is constituted by the fact that some statements are considered true; in other religions, which are not based on certain codified “befief”, faith consists in loyalty to the community of one’s own religions. For this reason, I would like to mention some ideas and comparisons explained by the philosophy professor Alberto Gessani at the University of Rome, in the preface to the book by Gennaro Giuseppe Curcio. The “Divine Comedy” is the place where love becomes a synthesis of divine love for the most contemplative theology and human love for the most intellectual philosophy. What emerges is an interweaving of human and divine love “to become the one and only way”. The two great thinkers, the philosopher-theologian and the poet-philosopher, are placed next to each other by the author: the passion of love of Dante becomes the basis on which the love of St. Thomas is based for the pleasure.

In the work “The Divinity” the artist draws the figure of God because people all over the world want to know what the divine aspect can be, we must be able to look inside ourselves, because we own a divine cell and God nature is inside of us Therefore, man must have the fullness of everything, he must reach the absolute truth that is what makes man free. When man reaches this truth, he will establish the divine consciousness. “Divinity” is the first picture in which the artist Fusarelli represents the essence of God as clear light and as the only truth. The work represents a great achievement for man. Father Massimo has succeeded in explaining through a universal language every high spiritual content capable of communicating to the reader a series of essential messages that can teach man the way to divine salvation.

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