Father Massimo Fatato Fusarelli, painter of the soul and light.

Artistic review of Father Massimo Fatato Fusarelli, of the international critic Francesco Rocca Arena.

Massimo Fatato Fusarelli is a painter of soul and light. He is self-taught, but works with great artistic care with which he reaches a personal style, so high as to give his personal contribution to painting, overcoming every scholastic current to become mystical elevation, profound understanding of the universal presence of the Divine Creator, in true beauty flowing through the human eye. Massimo is aware that painting is a religious humanist (he is a priest) with his personal new creative vein, to make our art today richer and to give an internationally renowned present to his messages. It comes in the Middle Ages, imitates the way of the sacred authors who worked to evangelize the masses. On the walls were the sacred evidence of the TA and the NT, because such descriptions were required for the rescue of man and society. His painting is a tension to discover the natural world and man, and this is the main characteristic of his intension. He refines every gesture through the senses and the awareness of every gesture, digging into the heart of man, even overcoming the imperfect eye.

Massimo privileges the inner life and does it stealthily with a masterly trait, maturing more and more his knowledge and creativity …, saving the visual world that surrounds man in his radiant light of life.
His shades of color, the approach of ever brighter tones, make a high transfiguration of his images (see the transfigured Christ).

The language of his painting concerns new horizons of knowledge and pictorial representation, it is understandable in silence and meditation that realizes the intimacy towards the height of human existence and towards God Almighty.

All his works are required to be collected with his discourse on transcendentalism and a new discovery of earthly and eternal values. The value of his singular, greatest work is priceless and not esteemed …, they are considered a new artistic heritage for the whole of humanity. Obviously, we need competent people to understand value and truth-lovers who can invest a lot for their priceless works.

They express, like few others in the world, the human genius and the great artist who speaks not only to his world but also to the man of all time. His universal language is unique, describing with the color of light man and nature that vibrates over time so that it is purified in man-time in which man lives eternity.

Francesco Rocca Arena

Critic of International Art